Nested Loops JOIN

this kind is the most basic and simple, just using 2 loops and iterating all entries. The general approach will be the following (in pseudocode):

This algorithm is…

There’s a lot of different, good articles about REST on the internet. However, the most accurate understanding you get when you refer to the initial source (a famous Roy Fieldings’ dissertation about architecture styles, and its 5th chapter). Nevertheless, let’s look at some important points shortly.

REST is an architecture style

REST is not a…


link to the problem


The idea is simple:
we begin from the middle of the word and recursively create all possible strings of length from 1 (or 0, depending on even n or odd) to n:
This is the example for n odd and 0. Besides 0, we need to construct the same trees with 8 and 1 as root. If n is even, root will be empty

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